Lonely born sneered, "Good little rabbit is not afraid!" Say that finish looked at a face of her smile canopy way "three younger brother an hour after this medicine man after intercourse medicine people will become the man after sex slaves without their own ideology! Take your time. My second brother and I will go out first! " Said with one hand holding the Jade Rabbit Sun Wu and walked out of the hall side by side!
"Ha ha ….." Sun Wu laughed as soon as he came out of the hall. "Brother, this move is tough enough so that the canopy can’t run away!"
Lonely born sneered, "Even so, it’s really cheap!" Said and looked at the jade rabbit way "but old also don’t suffer! Got a general and a beauty! Ha ha … "
Yutu is very clever and pretends not to hear Lonely Born talking to Sun Wu, but she is constantly twisting her body to seduce Lonely Born with desire!
Solitary born low "second brother you go WU GANG killed! We have to leak the wind! In addition, the spell creates an illusion of WU GANG cutting trees! "
Sun Wu nodded and turned to kill WU GANG. Suddenly he felt something was wrong and turned to ask, "What am I going to do? What are you doing? "
Lonely born evil smiled and rubbed a handful of jade rabbit empress little ass way "I have something not to serve! You wait for the third brother to come out and go back together! Haha ….. "Say that finish set up Wu Jinyun to fly far away in Sun Wu’s nu scold …
Sun Wu saw eye is hard to cut down a tree WU GANG sneer at a way "small is not grandpa sun I vicious you die everyone at ease! You did a ghost … Um … No! You don’t have a chance to be a ghost. It’s also a disaster for your soul to stay! "
Sun Wu waved WU GANG’s soul refining and then made a spell to let WU GANG repeatedly cut down trees. Just after these, he saw the canopy face coming out with a satisfied smile!
"You?" Sun Wu wait for a while looked at the ceiling.
Tianpeng shook his head and said, "Let’s forget it once. Although Eldest Brother said that bitch would be my slave in the future, it’s hard to know if there is any change, so I can directly refine it!"
Sun Wu nodded his head and said, "Big Brother really has a good eye, but this canopy is not a loser who knows women!" But Sun Wu added, "I’m not talking about this! I mean … Are you so fast? "
When the canopy heard this, it roared, "I … I’m just in a bad state today!"
"Oh …" Sun Wu put suddenly in the heart but said, "by the state is not good? That’s not half a minute, is it? " I can’t help but ask, "How long is your best state?"
The canopy proudly said, "I am at my best for more than five minutes!"
Measure the Buddha … and finally know why Chang ‘e and Miss Gao Laozhuang don’t like the bird, the marshal of the canopy …
Ps, everybody vote bird! ! !
Chapter 20 Shit! Who’s playing me?
"Dear …" Jade Rabbit Jiaochen said, "Why don’t you let Little Rabbit show you around when you first come to heaven?"
"well! All right! " Lonely natural stop cloud head hand picked a jade rabbit, "then do you know what’s interesting about this heaven?"
Jade rabbit twisted his body and laughed. "I know! I know a beautiful place that I’ve always wanted to visit, but the former Chang ‘e didn’t let people go … "Then I said with tears in my eyes that I couldn’t send people!
"Very good! Don’t cry, bunny! " Gu Tiansheng hurriedly wiped Yutu’s tears and smiled. "Can I go with you if she doesn’t go with you?"
Jade rabbit heard the words and laughed, "Yeah … Hey hey …" Where there is a half sad meaning!
"That’s …" Lonely born with Jade Rabbit flew slowly all the way according to what Jade Rabbit had pointed out. Jade Rabbit whispered like a child, making people love and finally arrived at the place where Jade Rabbit said!
"Yeah … here we are!" The Jade Rabbit cheered and pulled the orphan’s arm and said, "That’s it! That’s Snowflake Island!"
I was born alone and looked around and saw a small island in the sea. A piece of snow fell from time to time on the independent island. Snowbirds, ice foxes and other celestial animals were raised faintly. Due to the reflection effect, the whole island was scattered with a mysterious and colorful glow!
Lonely naturally smiled and picked up the jade rabbit and flew to the island, only to see another scene. The whole island was not covered with heavy snow, but an inch thick and shallow island was covered with trees. The tree had no leaves, but it was slowly covered with hexagonal snowflakes!
Seeing a snowflake falling from it and sticking to a tree seems to have a wonderful life!
"It really is a good place!" Lonely naturally stepped on the snow and looked at the snowflake tree and praised, "It’s really amazing. The more I see it, the more I feel aware!"
"hey!" Jade rabbit saw that the orphan was born deep in thought, so she took the orphan’s natural arm and pointed to the nearby road, "Look at the beautiful fox there, will you help me catch it?"
Looking up, I saw a snow fox with the size of a forearm, and its long erect hair was shaken in the cold wind, and a pair of eyes were spinning round and round, not to mention that the jade rabbit was born alone and felt cute when I saw it at this time! Lonely born laughed "good! Wait for me to catch it for you! " Say that finish to the snow fox!
Lonely was born in the square-inch mountain of Lingtai, and he often caught spiritual beasts to satisfy his hunger. This animal catching experience is rich. At this time, it seems that he has a childlike innocence and wants to catch the snow fox without magic!
Born alone, he sneaked up behind the snow fox and threw himself at it, shouting, "Come on!" "
"plop!" Lonely born to jump on the ground, but now the snow fox is gone. I can’t help but look surprised. When I look at it again, the surrounding environment has changed greatly. Where is the white snow? It’s a dark red blood pool, and amityville horror’s half thunder flashes …
"Three younger brother is wrong! Why haven’t I arrived at my Huaguo Mountain in Gudou Island? " Sun Wuqi strange asked.
"Yes, I’ve been flying for a long time!" The canopy frowned and said, "It didn’t take so long to come!"
Sun Wu stopped and looked around at the somersault cloud. "Third brother, this somersault cloud is flying fast. Let me check it out!"
The canopy nodded just as he was about to speak when he saw a road flyover flying in the distance. The road flyover’s personal tunic was open and leaked out, with two children’s bun faces and a simple and honest smile. A tattered cattail fan was swaying in his hand. The most striking thing was a pair of big feet three or four times bigger than ordinary people, so barefoot without shoes. The foot was a colorful auspicious cloud!
Before the man flew to Sun Wu, he grinned and shouted, "Marshal Shengjun Tianpeng …"
Sun Wu saw at a glance that it was the barefoot fairy who couldn’t help crying, "barefoot fairy!" "
"Ha ha ….." The barefoot big fairy smiled with a simple and honest smile. "I didn’t expect that the sage could recognize the little fairy once!"
Sun Wu laughed "if you don’t know? The barefoot fairy is a natural memory of three celebrities! " Having said that, Sun Wu scolded in his heart, "Shit! I have never seen you in this style, and you know who you are! "
The barefoot fairy naturally doesn’t know what Sun Wu thinks. Both of them are more important than him. Naturally, they are respectful and humble. "Where, where am I a celebrity in front of the sage?"
"Barefoot old man!" The canopy interrupted the barefoot fairy road. "Where are you going?"