"But we all missed it …"
"Fate made me choose, but I chose you. No matter where you went, I can always shine on you and give you warmth …"
"I’m sorry I have to leave. I think I’m really attached to freedom and you, otherwise I won’t be willing to stay here for two thousand years without breaking your beauty. I can just go like this and pretend I haven’t lost it forever and then immerse myself in desperate memories to wait for you."
"But if I take one step closer, you will be completely melted by me, right …"
"I always knew that I always knew better than anyone that you wouldn’t betray me, but I had to go …"
"I’m leaving. Thank you for giving me my heart back. I think I will live happily."
"Because I can always warm you …"
The fire phoenix radiates more than hot light, and that’s how it makes him love at first sight.
This is the way the light is gently guarded by him, but this kind of light can’t be concealed.
She thought this was fate.
The dazzling light makes the fire phoenix beautiful to the extreme at the moment.
The fire phoenix looked at ziyun proudly.
Ziyun ao also looked at her, although she didn’t know whether it was right or not, but at least she knew the truth, so she swallowed her anger and ended up letting her live with beautiful memories.
She thinks that this girl in front of her is really her salvation, and it is time to face it. Death is not the end of a good memory, but should be remembered forever and handed over to others, right?
"I’m going back to the sky," said the fire phoenix. "Maybe it will be closer to him if I go back to the sky … Chapter 738 All my light warms him.
Ziyun ao didn’t think that she would want to go back to the sky and go to the Huai Dyeing Hall. She did so much to protect her desire not to be forced to do what she didn’t want to do. Isn’t it all white when she went back?
"Why do you have to go back to the sky when you can go to places with people?" Ziyun proudly said.
Two thousand years is enough. Is it enough that she has been having sex for that long?
She also felt that the sun he had made was not enough to shine on this land, and even if she could not make him happy, she wanted him to cover it.
This is the only thing she can give him …
The fire phoenix said softly, "maybe fate should be for me to be the sun for everyone, not for him alone."
"Didn’t you say you wanted to be free?" Ziyun aokou avenue
"I hope he can do something more than freedom," said Fire Phoenix.
Although she is stupid, she has been stupid for two thousand years. She is not stupid for a little longer!
"Really? I think since you chose him, he will definitely support him conditionally," said Ziyun Ao.
She no longer wants to destroy herself, but wants to bring light to the world. Let’s say this love is a good love. She didn’t destroy herself because she lost him, but she became better because of it. Perhaps this is what Huairan Hall has always hoped for. I believe Huairan Hall can rest in peace.
Fire Phoenix smiled gently, didn’t she? Just because she once said that she liked freedom, he paid a lot to protect her freedom …
"I want to protect him … no matter where he will go or what he will become, I want all my light to warm him … so that I can always look at him …"
Ziyun Ao didn’t speak. Huai Ran Dian has been frozen for two thousand years and lost interest, but he may feel it. Suzaku gives him warmth …
Fire Phoenix went on to say, "I have my own mission and my own place to go. Staying here is just to hurt others. Even if I try to restrain myself, I still hurt others …"
"Thank you for telling me the truth. Maybe I’d rather he was alive, but there’s nothing wrong with knowing the truth."
"I wish you could think so," said Ziyun proudly.
"Come here and I’ll tell you what you need to know-"Fire Phoenix fanned her wings.
Fire phoenix is getting hotter and hotter.
Ziyun proudly approached slowly.
Fire Phoenix said, "If you go straight ahead from here, you will meet him regardless of a fork … He doesn’t like people to disturb him, but I think he will meet you …"
Ziyun proudly picked his eyebrows strangely.
Fire Phoenix went on to say, "heavy lotus Hall has been waiting for someone."
The fire phoenix finished and took off.