After school, she went straight to Dashun Shopping Mall in the summer. She thought that the place where Ann rubbed the net was the nw store. Unexpectedly, when she entered the door, she vaguely saw a long queue in the direction of nw. When she took a closer look, most of them were middle-aged and elderly people. What activities must nw company be doing?
Summer is a little lost and wants to play games in another place. Just want to leave, I heard an old man say, "Hey, Lao Wang, do you want to follow the fashion and play games?" Are your ears working? "
"What did you say? I can’t hear you! " "Lao Wang" stooped close to the old man with a loud voice, then shook his head and waved his hand. "I can’t hear you!"
It happened that nw workers came here and immediately gave a professional explanation to the old man with a loud voice. It was this explanation that made Xia Ru struck by lightning.
He said that "afterlife online" is based on the player’s awareness and is not affected by listening in reality.
Summer twist a head and walked stumbled to the welfare home while excited to cry "small b brother small b brother can hear! When he enters the game, he can not only hear but also talk! I was so stupid. Why didn’t I think of it earlier? "
Chapter 31 Tao Yaoyao’s home
"’virtual reality motion sickness’? What is this? "
Xia Xing rushed back to the welfare home and stuffed the vr headset to Huang Xiaoyi, but Huang Xiaoyi smiled and put the vr headset aside. He took the table and wrote these words.
Seeing that Xia didn’t understand Huang Xiaoyi, he made several moves, and Xia vaguely recognized several key words: bus, dizziness, boat and vomiting.
Summer seems to have guessed what "small B brother, are you talking about carsickness? Seasick? Is that’ virtual reality motion sickness’ a’ motion sickness game’? "
Huang Xiaoyi nodded and looked at Xia tenderly. One thing he didn’t tell Xia was that Xia brought back vr headphones and the next day he went to nw store.
All kinds of vr devices in nw store were tried out until Huang Xiaoyi wore vr headphones. He was still planning his later life. For example, when he went to school in the summer, he earned some gold coins to help her vr headset game, but he didn’t expect that he lost his way in that strange "tunnel" before he entered the game. He was so dizzy and sick that he almost vomited on the spot and rested for a long time before returning to normal.
Before Huang Xiaoyi tried to play, the staff asked him if he was carsick or seasick. However, Huang Xiaoyi had never taken a boat or even a bus several times in the past 17 years, and of course denied that the staff said that Huang Xiaoyi was suffering from "virtual reality motion sickness". If we don’t relieve the drug before, we will get the best game experience, and even the game will not get in like this one.
Although nw company has been actively improving their vr technology, who knows when the day of virtual reality motion sickness will come?
"How did this happen? Brother Xiao Yi …" Xia was depressed.
Huang Xiaoyi gently touched Xia’s head to comfort her as he did several times before, although he looked like the one who should be comforted.
Looking at Huang Xiaoyi’s gentle eyes in the summer, I feel very sad that I can’t hear the sound and can’t talk. He finally met such an opportunity, but he just played games because of motion sickness. What day is so unfair to him? She gently stood on tiptoe and touched his hair for the first time like Huang Xiaoyi.
For a moment, Huang Xiaoyi froze and froze as if something was churning up in his heart, rising higher and higher, getting hotter and hotter, and directly burning his face. He put his face aside and made a few gestures to tell Xia that he was going to cook dinner, so he turned and went outside to make a stove.
"Just now, Xiao Yi’s brother’s expression is so familiar." Xia’s arm still kept its outstretched posture and murmured, "I finally know what makes Wu Gou’s frost and snow look familiar. He feels like Xiao Yi’s brother."
After failing to log in to the game for two days in a row, Xia finally entered the game world as she wished on the third day, because after school the next day, Tao Yaoyao told Xia that her parents welcomed Xia to stay in the past.
This is the first time that Xia visited someone’s house. As soon as she entered Tao Yaoyao’s house, she felt a little short of eyes.
In fact, I was a little surprised when the bus was full in the summer. She knew that Tao Yaoyao’s home was far away and the place was a little far away, and now she knows what kind of place she lives in.
Although it is winter, this place looks more bleak than other places. There seems to be a lot less trees on the roadside, and only a few trees are crooked and not tall. All kinds of private buildings with two or three floors of cement buildings are crooked and surrounded by a bumpy road. The roadside trash cans are full and overflowing, and there are cinders after burning briquettes everywhere.
Xia can’t see clearly what she knows without glasses because she is familiar with the touch and sound after stepping on it, because Huang Xiaoyi cooks and cooks medicine in that simple stove every day.
Although the overall area of rosa multiflora Children’s Welfare Institute is small and the facilities are relatively old, their dormitories, canteens, activity rooms and other places are very spacious. For those who have never owned a "home", they have a living room, a sofa and floor-to-ceiling windows as in the summer.
It was not until she came to Tao Yaoyao’s house that she found that it was not all like that.
Tao Yaoyao’s home is in her parents’ restaurant building, but it’s not really the "second floor", but after her parents rented this gatehouse, they separated the second floor by themselves, which ensured the visual effect of the restaurant to the greatest extent. The "second floor" was squeezed so flat that Xia felt that she could reach the ceiling with a jump.
Of course, Xia won’t be so rude. Even when he walks, he will tiptoe carefully for fear of disturbing the guests.
The small restaurant has a small area. There is no "living room" and "dining room" on the second floor. There is a narrow corridor and two small bedrooms. Washing your face and brushing your teeth are all floors. The kitchen of the restaurant is in the toilet, but you have to go to public health dozens of meters away.
"That … the room is a little summer. Don’t mind …" Tao Yaoyao said and hit his door.
A bed, a table, a chair and a simple wardrobe. This is Tao Yaoyao’s bedroom department.
"That … Xia Xia building is a little busy. I’ll go and help you. Just lie in bed and play games. How about waking you up when I get back and we’ll write together? By the way, if you want to take a bath, the bathhouse is across the street … "Tao Yaoyao changed his clothes and wrote a novel.
Xia nodded and watched Tao Yaoyao leave the door gently. She could feel that Tao Yaoyao was different from the school, and even spoke carefully as if afraid that Xia would dislike her.
Summer shake head wry smile Momo how could I think that? Even if this "home" is small and humble, it makes me more envious.
I carefully read the wifi password written by Tao Yaoyao, and Xia Heyi lay in bed and entered the game.
"Excuse me, please …" There is a tall apple tree in the westernmost part of the afterlife city. A cute little girl is staring at Xia Nuo Nuo with misty eyes in the tree, unable to speak.
"How can there be such a timid np? It’s even less timid than Tao Yaoyao." Xia Nai looked at her and said, "Hello, are you np Loli?"
The little girl nodded her head.
"Sister np said that you were in trouble and asked me to help you, but how can I help you if you keep silent?" Xia cocked his head and tried to make a lovely expression. "So what can I do for you?"