In fact, it’s much easier to talk about the follow-up with Jiang Yingkai. Prince Li Yan moved out. "English said yes, the Soviet Union’s two goals were quite hidden. I blocked the ball or not. The two goals still had to be made up in defense."
Her jumping ability is always a weakness. It is very difficult to raise the block again. Since the block can’t be raised, it is necessary to strengthen the defense. That’s what Deng’s guidance meant at the beginning. If it can’t be high, it is necessary to make up for it from another aspect. She must have a strong place, but it is also a good choice to make her strengths stand out as much as possible.
Yan lin nodded. Li Yanjun’s blocking body is a weakness, and it’s hard to make up for it now. After all, although this thing of resilience can be made up by strengthening training, it’s not as good as the innate advantage. Besides, she also has some injuries in her body and knees. It’s too damaging to strengthen the training of resilience. yan lin doesn’t like it either.
It’s ridiculous that an athlete who pursues higher, faster and stronger is worse than ordinary people, but it’s also true that yan lin knows that she may be too soft on herself, but she still wants to protect her conditions as much as possible before getting grades, and so do her teammates.
"Defense is your strength, no matter whether the opponent is strong or weak, it is our women’s volleyball team’s system to play every ball well." Li Yanjun agrees with this point. She thinks that Lin Yan is more captain than a captain, which makes her admire.
Su Huijuan is a senior, at least a little older than Lin Qing and Wu Dan. She spoke first. "I’m still a little nervous today, and everyone didn’t play well. I adjusted my state as soon as possible." She and Yang Xiaolan were poor, not in international competitions, but also in the midfield experience and the tolerance of the stadium. This is Yang Xiaolan and Sun Jin, who were outstanding at the beginning.
She was still a little short. At first, she was surprised and panicked by the Soviet women’s volleyball team. Although the score was not too backward, she still knew her own problems.
Later, after changing tactics, she slowly found her state, but she didn’t play well at the beginning of the game
In fact, yan lin mainly wants to say that it is normal for Jiang Ying to make occasional mistakes in serving. Li Yanjun blocked the ball and defended well. This is a personal characteristic and it is difficult to correct. However, Su Meijuan is different. She is doomed to be different from other souls. She still witnessed Yang Xiaolan’s trough, but she must take the lead.
Fortunately, the state was driven by them, and it was also adjusted in the second half of the first game. "When the blocking technique is too rough, I don’t have a good grasp. I still need to improve the next game and fight hard to find my own problems in actual combat, so that I can make up for it in training."
Su Meijuan has always felt that she is a mentality problem, but after listening to such words, she realized that her mentality has driven the development of skills and tactics. Her problem seems to be not small, but it is not bad to be severely criticized by Yuan as it was at the beginning. "I know, thank you, Sister Lin." "Why are we all teammates? We should all contribute to team building." She hoped that someone could take over and dig a hole to bury her, but now it seems unlikely.
Lin Qing actually feels strange about yan lin, mainly because she is six years older than yan lin and has missed a sports career. However, from the mouth of such a young player, she can’t refute it.
I had heard about the things in the team. When the old players taught the young players, the young players all swallowed their breath and secretly held their breath. In fact, they were not angry.
However, seeing that yan lin is well-founded seems to make people angry. Such a small player actually makes her feel ashamed at her age.
"It’s not very good to play general blocking judgment today. I’ll pay attention later."
Yan lin, listening to the elder sister’s words, is also a little confused about what to say.
Well, how much can she tell the other team members about their qualifications? There is nothing to tell this sincerity except the performance, but the performance is to crush her teammates? Yan lin can’t do such a thing.
"Well, Okakina’s adjustment of attack is still threatening. She needs to pay more attention when blocking, and I have to strengthen this."
Yan lin criticized Lin Qing. What else is there to say? This makes Wu Dan, the last speaker, feel a little pressure. Her little main attack didn’t play very well today. If yan lin and Jiang Ying didn’t play well, she wouldn’t have played it.
"I’m a little weak when I attack, and I’ll try to strengthen my attack on the main position."
When yan lin saw Wu Dan, she remembered that Mu Guizhi’s physical condition was really good and was expected. That was Feng Lang’s substitute, but joining the team with Jiang Ying and Su Meijuan, Mu Guizhi was a little soft and never played well.
Xiao Fenglang left the national team and now returns to the provincial team, but his sports career will never reach the peak again, at least not to the peak of similar athletes.
Wu Dan and Mu Guizhi are very similar. The main attack is the main attack, but the storm is very weak. However, one advantage is that Wu Dan has strong running ability, moves in a wide range, and then plays the third position and the second position. The fast break score rate is higher.
However, the main attack and storm are still standard skills. You always have to practice them.
If Su Meijuan is the first person to note today, then Wu Dan is the second.
"The storm still needs to be strengthened from practice. If you know where it is weak, then practice where to run and attack and continue to maintain it. Don’t rob Peter to pay Paul?"
Yan lin wanted to pat the young player on the shoulder, but when he raised his hand and saw his flour, he forgot.
"After a game, we always have to focus on our own problems, and strive to make up for it in a game. This is the purpose for us to come out and play the game, or to show off our technical and tactical level? Isn’t that taking out all your possessions for others to study? That’s a fool. We are not. "
Yan lin said this, and a group of people laughed. It was the first time for the girls in the second team to attend such a meeting, and they were all a little excited.
They all know what it means to keep the first team from getting hurt. When they don’t watch the game, they will calm down a lot. Some of them just look at the performance of everyone in the game, and now they can confirm it with everyone’s self-evaluation. I think this is really the case.
"We can’t train in the World Cup, the World Championships and the Olympic Games. That’s too extravagant. It’s always good for you to get more experience and courage from these games when you have all the opportunities to play against foreign teams. Of course, you young girls should also watch the performance of your sisters and brothers. Research may be the habit of your future teammates."
"Thank you, Senior Sister!"
There was a loud sound in the second team, that is, yan lin was also startled. Guo Jun felt that he should look at yan lin with confidence.
Yan lin was embarrassed. "Okay, okay, I just talk a lot. If you think it’s right, take it to heart and think it’s wrong. When I retire, bury me. Now, let’s make dumplings outside. Coach Qin and them are still waiting for the dumpling pot to drink."
Wang Jing was also here. She was going to make dumplings with yan lin, but yan lin kicked her out. But people still paid attention to the meeting room and couldn’t help laughing when they heard the sound from inside. "What’s the matter?"
Chapter 6 6 Fighting foreign wars
In fact, Wang Jing also knows that maybe yan lin will discuss a game with the players. When he was in the national team, there will be a small general meeting after the game. It seems that this system has been preserved
Now that she is not in the national team and plays for a foreign volleyball club, it is better to avoid suspicion, just like she didn’t talk to yan lin about the current situation of the national team before.
However, when I heard the smile inside, I still couldn’t help but ask, "Sitting there, Qin Hongbo smiled, Lin Yan is a carrot and stick. Girls are young, and their wrists are all great. If they become coaches, they will be as handsome as her two masters in the future."
"How do you feel here?" In the end, Qin Hongbo is old. Some elders mean to ask for the Spring Festival. Don’t elders want to care for their younger generation?
Wang Jing didn’t say a few words when she said it, but she heard yan lin shouting, "Lao Wang quickly came over to make dumplings."
"Go" Before Wang Jing could speak, Qin Hongbo took the baggage and said, "It’s not worth eating more. It’s also lively to eat more for two days." If there are dumplings, he won’t bother to clean them up if he is alone during the New Year. This time, thanks to these girls, he is blessed to eat flour and minced meat from a foreign country.
There are 16 people in total. One plate of dumplings is just enough for one person. A few people have been waiting for it for a long time. Clear out the meeting room that was just a processing workshop. Jiang Ying came over with two plates of dumplings. "Come on, let’s eat slowly. Don’t choke on the money inside."
It’s a good sign to draw a picture. Sixteen small coins were put in. On average, one person got a needle. What? yan lin didn’t dare to put it in case anyone ate it carelessly. It’s good to go to the hospital before the game was finished.
Through the hotel kitchen here, they put a whole table of dumplings in large pots and pans.
"Coach Qin, you say a New Year message." yan lin smiled and poured him a glass of wine. Qin Hongbo is very nice. At least it’s good that she didn’t abandon her management.
Qin Hongbo is the oldest, and of course he won’t let me "well, then I will win the women’s volleyball team in the new year, win the World Cup this year and prepare to go back to the Olympic Games to win more championships."
This wish is a little big. yan lin blinked and tried to calm himself down to come to the New Year. Just be happy and happy.
Everyone is very happy that Qin Hongbo "eats dumplings" with a small glass of wine, which makes a group of people eat it.
Yan lin was very happy when she made dumplings, but she was not active when she ate them. However, she was a little disappointed when she ate them carefully for a long time and didn’t bite the coins.
"Oh, I ate dumplings with money."
Guo Jun was surprised, but she felt guilty after seeing the surprised eyes of her teammates and a group of senior sisters around her.
"Good luck. Guo must be lucky this year." Lin Yanxiao laughed. The others joked with the second team and Guo Jun. "Ok, good luck. Let’s get closer and give me some good luck."
Everyone wants to draw a lottery, but there are only so many dumplings with coins. Plus, in the later period, luck broke out. For example, if yan lin ate three dumplings with coins, he really couldn’t catch any.
"Yan, if you are lucky again, how can we spend this year?" Wang Jing dares to tell yan lin that other people on the team dare to be so ridiculous with her.
In fact, they live according to the time here in Frankfurt. If they live according to the country, it will take time.
After eating the dumpling feast, yan lin offered a snack that had been prepared long ago, and didn’t stay up too late, even if this year was passed.
Beijing was six hours earlier than here. When yan lin saw it, he stopped talking there.
The next morning, I slept in a room with her. Wang Jing watched yan lin get up and couldn’t help saying, "How much do you miss home for a night?" She didn’t know if she was talking in her sleep. Anyway, she listened to yan lin in a daze last night.
"Is there?" Yan lin didn’t think he was dreaming. "If you don’t get some sleep, you’re fine anyway. I’ll go running first and train later to prepare for the afternoon competition."
Wang Jing is in a daze. "Yan, why do I think you are more and more like a coach? Do you want to be a coach after retirement? " She thinks it’s good to pay equal attention to kindness and prestige, and she has achievements in hand, and others can’t even think about it
"Come on, I’m going to be a monk every day. Maybe it’s possible to play ball and the coach will probably have no chance." Lin Yanxiao smiled. "I’ll go first."
Wang Jing heard the sound of the door and fell into bed again. "You are really energetic." Yesterday, they talked about twelve o’clock. Get up again soon. It’s really not good to wear it.
Before yan lin went out for a run, he called Fang Qin, which was just the time for lunch and the words were installed at home. This time was quite convenient.
"Happy New Year, sister!" Juan Lin sounded yan lin stunned and immediately laughed. "Have you had a happy New Year?"
"Well, Brother Fang Qin is doing it. He cooks without his sister. You are ready to eat." Juan Lin complained a little that the fruit was knocked on his head by Fang Qin. My little girl spat out her tongue. "Brother Fang Qin urged me to have something. I won’t tell you."