Hung-jun frowned slightly when he heard this. His eyes fell on Zhang Kai and he said, "Everything is in the Tao. If you don’t accept it, go and experience it yourself!"
Hung-chun said that, he found a bottomless "whirlpool" at the foot of Zhang Kai’s land out of thin air, surrounded by Zhang Kai’s sage, who couldn’t resist the power in this whirlpool, or he couldn’t resist at all, and then fell into the whirlpool and disappeared.
"This time, he has been put into the world for hundreds of millions of years. If he can realize it, he will return to the holy position." Hung-chun said, pointing, "whirlpool" disappeared. When all saints saw that Hung-chun raised his hand and threw himself into the world, they were secretly horrified.
At this time, Hongjun looked at Sanqing Road again: "As saints, you must take care of yourself!"
"Follow the teacher’s instructions!" Sanqing leaned down and replied.
At this time, Zhunti looked at Amitabha and said, "Brother Buddha!"
This time, the quasi-promotion is in line with heaven, but it is a level with Hongjun. How dare Amitabha call him that? Hearing this, he quickly bowed down and said, "I don’t dare to be called that by the teacher. The teacher just calls me by my first name!" "
Must mention laughed "Buddha brother photo is not. You and I have been friends for hundreds of millions of years, which cares about him! "
Amitabha heard this and nodded, but said nothing.
"Brother Buddha, in the future, Buddhism will need you to take care of it alone, but you need to bother more!" Quasi-mention.
Amitabha replied, "This is natural!"
When I heard this, I nodded and smiled, but I stopped saying anything.
"Well, you go home. In the future, you will realize where the Tao lies, and don’t make any more troubles! " Hongjun said.
"Yes, I’ll be excused!" All the saints answered, saluted Hongjun and Zhun, and then withdrew.
After the saints left, Hongjun looked at Zhunti and said, "What is Tao, Taoist friend?"
Zhunti smiled and said, "Your way is your way, and my way is my way. Tao is in your heart and mine! "
When Hung-jun heard this, he nodded and said, "Good!"
A moment later, Zhunti and Hongjun looked at each other and smiled knowingly, but they disappeared at the same time.
(End of the book)
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main body
Chapter 1 Crossing into a Snake
"aye? Where is this? " Meng Qi opened his eyes and looked around.
This is a primeval forest, surrounded by Zhou Lin with dense leaves, and the sun shines on the yellow leaves through the heavy leaves. Probably just after the sun rises, a drop of dew condenses on the tip of the leaf. When the leaf can’t bear its weight, it falls quietly, and then the tip of the leaf quivers slightly, as if to say goodbye to the dew.
Just a drop of dew fell on Meng Qi’s head, and Meng Qi looked up dully, as if he still didn’t know the situation. Subconsciously, Meng Qi wanted to stand up, but this usually simple action could not be continued after Meng Qi was in the middle.
Meng Qi looked down, and then the whole person was in a petrified state. Then he climbed down again and closed his eyes. Suddenly, time seems to stop on Meng Qi, but it didn’t last long.
After about ten seconds, Meng inspired a shrill cry, which was full of surprise, panic and some anger, and after the sound sounded, the voice rose a lot inexplicably.
Well, our master, no, no, no, it should be a main snake Weng now. It is on a pile of dilapidated dead leaves, with the snake head facing the sky, and the mouth is very exaggerated. The dim light reflected by the fangs in the mouth makes people clearly understand his sharpness.
Gradually, his voice faded, and Meng Qi buried his head deeply in his body as if he were escaping from something. It was also unbearable if a normal person woke up and found himself a big snake.
In fact, Meng Qi is just afraid now, a fear of the unknown. As long as you look closely, it is not difficult to find that Meng Qi’s body is trembling slightly, but there is actually a little excitement in fear.
I saw that there was a gap in the originally tight snake tray, and a pair of blue eyes were observing around through this gap. After a while, Meng Qi seemed to accept this fact. He gradually looked up and swam in one direction. As for why he was able to get used to the way snakes walked, I’m afraid only God knows this question …
Meng Qi is lazily wrapped around a tree trunk, beneath which is a lake, and there are faint pieces of broken dead wood floating on it, but if you really treat these things as dead wood and ignore him, I’m afraid you will lose your life if you are not careful.
Now, even if I don’t need to say it, everyone must have guessed that this is a fierce crocodile. However, this crocodile is different from ordinary crocodiles. In fact, it’s nothing special. It’s just to enlarge the crocodiles we usually see by three to five times, but this is just a general size. Meng Qi once saw a crocodile king, which was simply a small ship.
In fact, Meng Qi has lived in this unknown forest for nearly three years. In the past three years, Meng Qi has changed from a completely unfamiliar polyp to a real jungle killer. At least he now has his own territory in this dozens of miles of Fiona Fang, but he is not a number one, probably in the upper middle of the food chain.
At least the crocodiles in the lake dare not practice with Meng Qidan, but these crocodiles never act alone.
But now Meng Qi and they are very friendly neighbors, of course, on the premise of not infringing on each other’s territory. Meng Qi looked at the crocodile swimming below, and his heart was extremely disappointed. "This is a broken god. I have no conscience, and I have no harm. You’ll get me to this dump, and if there’s danger at any time, I won’t even have a communicating person or an animal that doesn’t communicate, so I’ll fuck! "
In fact, it can’t be said that there is no such thing at all. For example, there are several similar people of Meng Qi in the dozens of miles of Fiona Fang. When Meng Qi first discovered the water hyacinth like him, he ran very excited. As a result, the water hyacinth was like stepping on its tail, and it was immediately choked with Meng Qi. If it weren’t for Meng Qi’s wrong speed, he would definitely fight.
And even if there is no fight, Meng Qi also found that these hydrangeas can only carry out ordinary and basic communication, and the slightly more difficult ones can’t. Meng Qi sighed lazily, looked at a nest of birds at the end of the trunk, and spat out the core. Suddenly, the chicks in that nest were screaming.
Meng Qi was slightly happy when he looked at the frightened chicks. Haha, this is also a pleasure in suffering. Then he closed his eyes and began to sleep.
When Meng Qi woke up, it was already midnight. Meng Qi opened his eyes and felt the silvery moonlight shining on himself, inexplicably feeling a little cold. It is reasonable to say that the snake’s feeling is not so keen.
However, this phenomenon has been going on for a long time, so he has long been used to it. And when the moonlight shines on him, Meng Qi will feel that something is gradually infiltrating into his body.
In fact, Meng Qi didn’t realize that his body was covered with a faint layer of Yin Hui. In fact, every time at night, all animals in this jungle will have a similar situation more or less. But relatively speaking, Yin Hui on Meng Qi is relatively obvious.
In fact, Meng Qi discovered very early that since he began to absorb moonlight, his body became stronger and stronger, because when Meng Qi first came to this jungle, he was not really a very strong hydra, and at first he wouldn’t prey or eat anything raw. If he hadn’t absorbed the moonlight, he would have died long ago.
When Meng Qi was used to living in the jungle, he found the benefits of moonlight more and more. Now he consciously absorbs moonlight every night. Although it is not very fast, it is always faster than natural absorption, and Meng Qi enjoys the feeling of absorbing moonlight.
Today, Meng Qi feels a little different. There seems to be something running around in his body. In addition, Meng Qi still has an inexplicable fear around his heart. In fact, at the other end of this lake, the giant crocodile king shines with Yin Hui who is many times stronger than Meng Qi. It’s like a silver dome. But Meng Qi didn’t know that it was this dome that frightened him …
But all this has nothing to do with Meng Qi now. After all, such unfounded panic was forgotten by Meng Qi after a while.
Gradually, Meng Qi felt that the unknown things in the body were moving faster and faster, constantly wandering in the body. Suddenly, with a bang, Meng Qi felt that his body seemed to be lighter. The outside world has nothing to do with yourself. I only feel that I am surrounded by silvery white light, which is very cold and comfortable.
"Mmm ~ ~ ~ It’s so cool." Meng Qi couldn’t help but send out a burst of * *, but maybe he didn’t find it himself. This * * was not the sound made by a snake. It’s a sound that he could only make when he was a human being in the last life.
Suddenly, Yin Hui around Meng Qi suddenly disappeared, not only Yin Hui around Meng Qi, but also dozens of miles around Fiona Fang all fell into an abnormal darkness. It was clear that there was a moon in the sky, but there was no moonlight around. As far as Meng Qi is concerned, he can’t see anything except the moon in the sky now.
Meng Qi, who was suddenly interrupted, didn’t feel very comfortable just now. On the contrary, now Meng Qi only feels that something is going to force something out of his body.
Meng Qi desperately resisted this feeling, but even so, Meng Qi obviously felt something in his body slowly passing away. Meng Qi wanted to scream, but now he couldn’t scream at all. I can only keep it in my heart, so I won’t mention that kind of discomfort.
I don’t know how long it took. Meng Qi felt that he was going to give up. It seemed as if a voice was saying, give up, give up, let him suck if he wants to. So tired, why bother? "Yeah … yeah, why bother? You’re so tired. Go ahead and smoke." Meng qi is also unable to carry it, and the whole person is relaxed.
However, life is so fickle, just as Meng Qi gave up, the strange attraction disappeared without warning. The bright moonlight sprinkled on Meng Qi again. But Meng Qi, who came back to god, was in a trance, as if it had just been a dream.
Then Meng Qi only felt a wave of tiredness like a flood. Meng Qi was too tired to continue to absorb the moonlight, closed his eyes and went to sleep …
Chapter II Beauty and the Devil
After waking up, Meng Qi had a deep stretch, opened his eyes and looked around. Wow, I really didn’t know what to look at. I saw a mess around, and everywhere was covered with the bodies of various animals, including his own kind.