The little maid said with a cry, "He often sneaks into my lady’s boudoir at night. I once pretended to have seen it when I got up at night. Although I glanced at it, I am sure that the man looks like this, which impressed me the most. That’s right. How many people have a silver head?"
Shura, the emperor of God is going to be furious. How many people have it? Aren’t Xiaoxi, Fanxuan and Qinxin all silver? But as soon as he turned his head, he sadly showed Xiaoxi and Qinxin that they were all black, and Xiaoxi also smoothed his black short hand and rushed to his stall.
You can’t wash it if you jump into the Yellow River.
Even though they look alike, who has a silvery white head like Shura? Unless that person is not alone!
It is absolutely impossible for a young human to grow into such a long silver head!
Moreover, this girl in her arms does have a strong evil spirit. Few monsters with strong spiritual strength have been around her for days and absorbed her blood and anger.
Shura Shenjun is curious about what kind of monster it is, but it’s getting more and more interesting that it looks like hem. Although he has no interest in exorcism, it’s different if the monster looks like himself.
Shura Shenjun made up his mind that he suddenly became gentle and gently lifted the gaunt girl’s slender arms and said softly, "It’s me. I’m back. Let’s go home with you."
The haggard girl smiled through tears. She leaned her head gently against Ling Mo’s shoulder and murmured, "I know you will loathe to give up and I will definitely come back for me." Her face is tender and tender. Seeing Xiaoxi, they are in a blaze.
Xiaoxi really doubts whether his ink pupil brother has a close contact with several girls in the boudoir at night.
Who is this haggard girl? It’s Miss Xiao Xiao Yanyan.
At this time, there have been more than a dozen servants looking for Miss Xiao. It is such a scene that everyone is shocked. They believe that they have really found the culprit who caused Miss Xiao to be so bad. Everyone is clamoring to catch Ling Mo’s pupil and go back to the house to see Master Xiao. It is best to send him to the official.
Xiaoxi and Brahma Xuan held back their anger and decided to start work if they couldn’t make sense, but they were stopped by Shura Shen Jun calmly.
Shura shook his head and motioned for them not to make a move, Xiaoxi, so that they could come to Xiao’s compound with Xiao’s assume.
Master Xiao has been worried about his daughter’s indiscretion and madness these days. Suddenly, I heard that my family reported that I had caught Miss Persecution. Master Xiao was so excited that he almost couldn’t wait to jump in front of the man and slap him personally.
In a short time, everyone has been pushing and screaming to bring the Shura Emperor and his party into the lobby of Xiao Fu. During the whole process, the Shura Emperor didn’t resist at all and didn’t even knit his brow.
Master Xiao looked at him from the plush chair with anger. It will be interesting to see which rabbit cub harmed his baby daughter. Now this pair of people are not ghosts and ghosts.
This look at master Xiao can’t help but breath in a gasp.
Several young people in Tang proudly walked out of the painting as if they were handsome men and handsome women. They all had a pair of rare beauty, especially the young man with a long silver pupil, who was indifferent and domineering.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-five Seduction trap
And his daughter snuggled up to this man like a clever little sheep at this time.
Master Xiao secretly thought that it was no wonder that his daughter was fascinated by this man, and it was indeed a remarkable appearance, like a deity turned into a human being. What a injustice!
Master Xiao shook his head naively and ordered several families to drag Xiao Yanyan forcibly, but Xiao Yanyan, like a stuck shura, was not good enough to strain her hands and feet.
Master Xiao couldn’t help sighing in his heart "Sin! Sin! " So that his daughter can still stay with the God Shura.
Ling mo pupil also carefully looked at the whole Xiao Fu. He couldn’t help feeling a little funny when he saw Master Xiao and the people in the whole mansion glaring at himself and others.
Look at Xiao Yanyan clinging to himself like a koala. He is naive and pathetic.
Master Xiao was silent for a long time and suppressed his anger. "Excuse me, who is this public figure? Things between you and my daughter have become known to everyone. My daughter is an unmarried woman, but … The reality is that she has become a legal person and her reputation is ruined. I don’t know what the public is going to do. How to explain to the old lady? "
Shura emperor look at this appearance and look at the poor girl around him. She has guessed that * * is close to each other. He smiled lightly and gracefully and didn’t answer Master Xiao’s question, but his eyes were tightly staring at Xiao Yanyan around him. His voice was as soft as Buddhist, and his dark green eyes seemed to directly pierce Xiao Yanyan’s heart. "You take a closer look at me and ruin your innocence, but me?" But me? "
In madness and confusion, Xiao Yanyan suddenly seemed to be awake, and her eyes, ears and mind instantly became clear. She grew up in surprise. After carefully looking at the Shura Emperor, she loosened her hand tightly and hugged the Shura Emperor. She stepped back a few steps. Her beautiful eyes were full of surprise and despair. "No, no, you are not him. Mo Yan, where are you?"
Her eyes had a faint in the past, and Ling Mo stretched out his hand and carried her into his arms.