Qingchen quickly adjusted her mentality. Anyway, she decided on something, and she didn’t have a chance to refuse again.
The first thing in the morning after work is to get home and pack things and arrange the first two at home.
The first two parrots at home
Fortunately, I’m not very busy now. Qingchen is also on a business trip for two days, so I can ask her to help take care of the parrot for the time being.
But after ringing the doorbell, the door turned out to be ChuNingZhao.
Look at the tall man standing in front of him. His face froze in the morning and he pretended to be innocent and asked, "What are you thinking?"
ChuNingZhao then sideways to let QingChen in.
Qing Chen thought in his mind that there was suddenly a ChuNingZhao at home, and she was not used to being an outsider.
Thinking is looking at Rui Rui’s painting, Qing Chen simply told her that she was going on a business trip, and thinking also readily agreed to help take care of two parrots.
"So … are you all right?" Qing Chen asked her before she left.
Sisi bit her lip and didn’t say yes orno. "That’s it. I’ll try not to talk to him as if he weren’t there."
Qingchen sighed, "Well, don’t be too stressed."
"Know that I’m all right"
When Qingchen left, she glanced at the cold and hard Chuningzhao and shivered all over.
I don’t know how Sisi managed to be calm and stay in the same room with this person. It’s really amazing that there is such a thing as feelings.
Clean up everything before you suddenly realize that you seem to have overlooked something.
Chenchi didn’t even contact her today
Qing Chen looked at the packed suitcase and let out a long sigh
People’s habit is really a terrible thing. Once they get used to something, they will become sensitive and feel extremely ups and downs when they are slightly wrong.
The mobile phone has been in my hand for a long time. Qingchen doesn’t know how Chenchi didn’t contact her today, but she didn’t call her cruelly.
It was only last night that I left today, and it seemed that I missed her. She felt as if she was in a dead end, afraid to take an important step, but she was looking forward to the scenery ahead.
Qingchen squatted in front of the suitcase and started to stay until the phone lit up and then the bell rang.
Looking at the display number, Qingchen finally breathed a sigh of relief.
After the magnetic sound of Chenchi appeared on the other end of the conversation, Qingchen didn’t realize that her face was relaxed. "Hello?"
She felt a little nervous at the moment, although she didn’t know what she was nervous about.
"at home?"
You can always guess her easily, and that person can easily see through everything as if he were hidden in her heart.
"Are you going on a business trip tomorrow?"
"aye? How do you know? " Qingchen was shocked again.
Chenchi smiled gently and joked, "I’m going on a business trip because of the day. How about going together?"
Hey hey Zheng Nuo and Jing Xiang …
☆ haper 22 is such a coincidence.
Qingchen misunderstood herself, but obviously there was no Chenchi at the other end of the sentence, which meant that she wanted to.
"What, you also happen to work overtime?" Qingchen wondered how everything in this world happened so coincidentally.
Chen Chi smiled two times in a low voice "just right"
"I don’t believe what you said." Qingchen picked up the trunk lid in one hand. "How did you know that I was leaving tomorrow?"
"It’s just right" Chen Chi repeated that he was telling the truth.
But he is hiding some small scenes.
For example, Chen Chi didn’t plan to attend this meeting, and he had already rejected the arrangement of A University. Now Chen Chi wants to refuse to attend a meeting, but he can do whatever he wants. The reason why he doesn’t go is obviously because he doesn’t plan to leave Beijing for business, which means that he can’t see Qing Chen for a short time.
However, Chenchi just got news from someone after refusing, and Qingchen will also attend the meeting for an interview.
Where did you get the news? Of course, from Minister Wang.
Minister Wang told Chenchi the news when he decided to send Qingchen on a business trip, and asked Chenchi’s itinerary by the way.
And minister Wang will tell Chen Chi that the reason is of course his intention
Qing Chen went out for an interview on behalf of the financial channel. If Chen Chi was around, it was especially reassuring to finally pick up the news target, Minister Wang.
You can make a big news by pulling one out casually with Chenchi’s interpersonal network.
Minister Wang’s wishful thinking is certainly not unknown, but he has accepted Minister Wang’s favor for this kind of thing at all.
And a big for Chen chi suddenly changed his mind to go to the meeting, of course, is recognized and will be given to him immediately.
What Chenchi doesn’t like most is this kind of business meeting. Everything seems more than the rules, so it won’t have practical significance. Chenchi won’t be in such a situation.