Soon the second player who was sold was also released.
Juan sanchez, a striker who scored 12 goals in 32 appearances this season, has also been sold!
Certa spent nine million dollars to take him away.
This man alone always wins and earns back all his investments in Ibrahimovic.
But Valencia media didn’t let him go this time.
Unlike Diego Alonso, juan sanchez played very well this season and was the team’s top scorer.
But Chang Sheng sold him!
Look at the risks in Valencia now. Who else? Apart from the new team Ibrahimovic, there are only juan sanchez and Salomon Kalou. Diego Alonso has just sold his guest striker zahovic and has been left in the cold.
Now Changsheng has sold juan sanchez again!
what does he want to do?
The former media also complained that Changsheng spent millions of dollars to buy a 19-year-old Swedish young striker because there are many Valencia strikers who don’t need Ibrahim.
Now they know what it means to win, to spend so much money on a striker …
Because he is going to have a crazy sale on Valencia’s original striker!
Chapter 26 Cleaning and Buying
Changsheng sold two strikers in one breath, one of whom was the top scorer of the team this season.
This makes many people can’t understand it.
In fact, if they know Chang Sheng’s true intentions, they are afraid that they will be scared to pee directly.
Because of the constant victory, I intend to sell the team’s second shooter, Kalou …
There is no place for Kalou in his "mad dog" tactics, because this tactic does not need the kind of attacking the center of the opponent’s goal in front of the door. The core idea of his "mad dog" tactics is one word-run!
Every player needs to have good running ability.
But in this respect, Kalou obviously can’t.
He is a column center, he has a good impact in front of the goal, and his header is excellent. He is tall, big and strong, but his running ability and catching ability are not enough.
If it weren’t for considering buying Salomon Kalou as his own striker, he wouldn’t even have a substitute, and Changsheng would definitely not hesitate to sell Salomon Kalou.
The only thing for these players is to bring more transfer funds to themselves.
But he never showed this in front of Salomon Kalou.
Now there are two strikers in Valencia, Ibrahimovic and Kalou. It seems that there are a few.
However, it didn’t take long for good news to come from Sporting Gijon. llorente always won and brought David Villa.
Valencia needs to pay 500 thousand dollars to Sporting Gijon
Sporting Gijon wants a high price, but llorente is a veteran negotiator and has not proved himself. They bought him to strengthen the thickness of the striker bench. Valencia will not pay a high price for a substitute player.
500,000 dollars is very conscience.
It is true that no one knows what will happen to Villa now, and Sporting Gijon does not have much confidence to charge Valencia wild prices.
Finally, the transfer transaction was completed for $500,000
Villa’s arrival in Valencia media seems to be a constant victory, bringing a substitute to the front line after selling two strikers.
They don’t think villa has any future in Valencia. Maybe in a year, he will be sold like Diego Alonso.
A thin striker who doesn’t seem to have any outstanding skills, they really don’t know what he can do.
Chang Sheng looked at these media’s comments on Villa and sneered at them in his heart.
Now I say that no matter how much I don’t have those media, should I believe it or not?
But I won’t let them look good after the league.
While the team continues its physical training, the transfer of marketing workers is progressing smoothly.
Chang Sheng wanted to clean the player, Ji Du, and found the receiver to take over. He was bought by the Turkish Besiktas Club, which cost the Turkish club two million dollars.